Did Pro Skateboarder D Streets diss Lil Wayne in his new Skate Boarding Rap video?

We all know that Lil Wayne is a beginner in skate boarding. It doesn’t stop him from at least trying to spice up his skate boarding skills. But when you get out with the “True” Skate boarders like D Streets aka “Obama of Skateboarding” who have a drive & passion for skate boarding,  that lives it, eats, sleeps & dreams it then Lil Wayne falls in the “Beginners” category. Rumor in the Skateboarding streets is that D Streets dissed Lil Wayne in his new skateboarding video!

Complex caught up with D Streets and this is what he had to say!

This is the verse in question of the Lil Wayne diss:

“Now, take a look around, I got ’em posted up/There was a time black skaters wasn’t dope enough,” he raps. “I put the strong arm in it, had ’em open up/Now every rapper wanna act like he grinding trucks/So, I guess I gotta thank you/For stealing our shit, no thank you/Yeah, you makin’ it aware, that’s what fame do/I hope it’s really in your heart, not just another angle.”

D Streets insists that the verse is not a diss. He says that he feels like Lil Wayne skating could be a good thing and a bad thing.  He states it’s good because it will open the skating world up to other black youth that are interested in skating and no longer make them feel as if it’s an all white sport. He thinks Wayne will motivate the hood to skate as well. But the bad of it he says is it’s a smack in the face to skaters such as himself who have worked very, very hard their entire skating careers to accomplish their dreams; yet Lil Wayne became successful overnight mainly because of his name when he really isn’t a skater. D Streets says he just hopes that skateboarding is really embedded in Lil Wayne’s heart. We all know rap consists of beef and constant trends to promote things and people to gain revenue”

See for yourself & tell us what you think! Is it a diss or not?

This end of the Summer smash by D.dot (Darren Harper’s younger brother) featuring the Obama of Skateboarding himself Darren Harper is also a Anthem for black skaters from hoods nation wide. Produced by S.dot Fire. Video Shot by @Daluvv,and Alexander Mosby. Skateboarding has no color although we just wanted to shed some light on those skaters in the hood who dream of skateboarding saving their lives.. Dreams do come through.. Keep Rolling.. We salute all skaters.


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  1. wirelion says:

    Great write up! love it!

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