What’s Going On Between 50 Cent & Mayweather?

According to some, no so trustworthy sources, 50 & Floyd have been keeping some distance between each other but that’s odd because we just saw Floyd at the 2012 BET HIP Hop Awards where 50 Cent performed during the Violator Chris Lighty Tribute.

What [is] true is the fact that Mayweather turned down a deal with Tony Summer & 50 Cent that would have lead to partnership separate from Floyd’s already flourishing empire, ‘Mayweather Promotions”, which is solely his.

“You can make $500 million to $1 billion before you quit and after,” said Tommy Summers in a letter to Floyd while he was incarcerated, downtown Las Vegas. “That old Golden Boy sh*t is over. You gonna make $100 million or more a fight. You made Golden Boy and Al Haymon a lot of money. Game over!”

You fought Oscar [De La Hoya], [Ricky] Hatton, [Shane] Mosely, [Manuel] Marquez, [Victor] Ortiz, [Carlos] Baldimore and [Miguel] Cotto. All at the MGM Grand. The deal was cut under the table. That site fee and gate money ain’t sh*t. G.B. and Al already took the money to bring you to Vegas and fight here at MGM. It’s worth over $150 million dollars. D. King did not bring Tyson to Vegas at MGM for only gate money. You are worth more, do your own thing. You never got the things you wanted from MGM because they got it already. Over $100 million over 8-fights. Trust me I know.”

Outside of all this hoopla, the only thing people really want to know is, when will Mayweather & Pacquiao fight? Are 50 & Floyd still friends? Of course they are. Whatever the deal is, business wise, just know that there will be a HUGE pay day for anyone involved with either of these fights (assuming there is someone else to fight besides each other). via ckhid.com


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